Really interesting read - thank you for sharing. Clearly loads of effort and thought put into this...

One thing I wondered is how much of the exalted status of FPJ is down to the insane levels of rarity - it always feels to me like the rarest of the rare. That’s why I see MB&F and Voutilainen very much in the peer group. (Maybe the extreme rarity is simply a product of extreme innovation, quality, production values etc.)

I also wonder if there has to be a level of “mad professor” about the founder? I say that with tongue in cheek, but having met Max Busser and Kari Voutilainen there’s something enigmatic and unquantifiable about their (I’m going to use the word) genius.

Either way, I wonder how many of the other brands on the list have the same level of “you just can’t get them for years and years if ever”... Or driven-to-extreme levels of innovation and standards?

Having looked at your shortlist, I wonder which of the names would be knocked out if we applied those criteria...?

I’d love to hear your perspective...

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